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Private and Small Group Coaching For Women Starting, Building, and Managing A Service Business.

Hello There! I'm Coach Erin

If want to start a business but aren't sure what to do or if you own a business that isn't providing you the satisfaction you want and you're unclear on what to change -- you're in the right place.

And it's ok if you've never worked with a business coach. 97% of the women I work with had never worked with a business coach before hiring me.

BUT -- before we get too far into this, I want to be upfront with you.

✓ I'm no dolled-up, high-profile coach with center stage sex-appeal.

✓ My dreams don't include yatchs or private jets.

✓ There's no fluffy sugar-coated cotton candy in my coaching style.

✓ I've coached hundreds of women since 2006 and designed some amazing coaching activities (if I do say so myself.) But, I refuse to be a guru. I also refuse to create cookie-cutter businesses for my clients. Which is why ---

✓ I'm very straightforward and can be quite direct. I'd rather call you on your BS and limiting perspectives than for you and me to be best friends for life. It's about moving you forward, not about you gaining a new friendship. But, I am friendly. I promise.

It’s also HUGELY important to me that YOU be the driver of your business.

Yes, I’ll help you read the roadmap and determine YOUR best route. But, I’m not the driver in your business. I'm not even Siri. I'm not here to give you directions. I'm here to help you determine your direction, keep your focus, and build the business YOU want.

After coaching with hundreds of women for 14 years, I've developed a way to hold your hand while kicking you in the pants. I can be relaxed and having fun while also being strategic and driving for results. 

I’ll support you and I'll challenge you. I have no problem making you dig deep. 

I’m ready and willing to ask the hard questions and allow you to answer without pressing my beliefs on you. 

I’ll listen intentionally and give you direct and straight forward feedback in a no-nonsense and honest way.

When you’re stuck or run into a problem, I’ll offer you solutions that have worked for me or my other clients as well as help you find solutions that are unique to you. 

If you want a business coach who is just as smart as she is fun

Don’t be like all of my clients who say “I wish I hired you earlier.”

It's normal to be a little unsure that having someone real, approachable, and relatable to bounce ideas off of and get input from would really help you achieve your potential.

What my clients realized after starting coaching with me is that having a sounding board who understands what you are saying, not saying, and trying to say would mean no more over-thinking and much more progress.

If being your own boss and owning your own business were easy,
there wouldn't be a business coaching industry.

It's normal to feel overwhelmed.
It's common to get stuck and spin in circles.
And it's TOTALLY OK if you find it challenging to try and move yourself forward.

Through my unique, clean-cut, and simple approach, we’ll tackle your business in incremental steps.

We'll start by clarifying where you are now and where you want to be. Then we'll ensure your business foundation has the strength to hold what you want to create. Next, we'll develop a reasonable plan to get you there. A plan that is sustainable and not overwhelming.

Best of all, you’ll see that you are completely capable of accomplishing your goal of successfully running your own business.

Business Owner Paulette Shares Coaching ExperienceErin has a unique way to uncover the purpose and mission for your business. She's so creative and is someone who understands what you're saying and what you're trying to say.

Paulette Bergenous: Reno, Nevada

Business Owner, Loren North, shares her coaching resultsToday's coaching session surpassed my expectations. We got a lot done. I now have a clear path and schedule to launch. This session was exactly what I wanted and needed.

Loren North: Phoenix, AZ

Coaching Client Bridget JablonskiErin was able to take what I felt was disorganized thinking or a brain dump, and pull out key information, providing clarity.  My session felt very comfortable and exceeded my expectations.

Bridget Jablonski: Phoenix, Arizona


Fabulous first coaching session with Coach Erin! I am over the moon and back that I have met her and can't wait for more coaching with her!

Shira Gura: Kibbutz Hannaton,Israel

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