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I'm Coach Erin.

I have the curiosity of a cat, the loyalty of a dog, and the productivity style of a bee. I love being a location- independent business owner and coach. I’m motivated by work that allows me to contribute to the growth of others, play with ideas, and be artistically expressive.

Since 2006 I've helped hundreds of women navigate the confusing waters of business ownership. I've been able to help women, like you,  diminish feelings of overwhelm and gain momentum.

My focus as your business coach is to help you:

  • design easy to sell services
  • confidently take on your first clients
  • build systemized and automized processes
  • create a seamless client experience
  • establish a sustainable marketing plan
  • maintain a positive growth mindset

I view my job, as your coach, to be that of figuring out what motivates you, hold you accountable for taking action, provide you with teachable moments, and help you generate business momentum while keeping you engaged in the business-building process.

If you’re looking for a coach who is just as smart as she is fun

Don’t be like many of my clients who found themselves saying: “I wish I hired you earlier.”

Together we can stop the excuses and distractions that keep you from owning a successful, fulfilling and profitable business that makes a positive difference in the world.

I’ll help you:

  • stay focused
  • overcome the common mental barriers of first-time business owners

Through my unique clean-cut and simple approach, we’ll tackle your business in incremental steps.

We'll start by ensuring you have a solid foundation and develop a reasonable growth strategy that is sustainable and not overwhelming.

And you’ll learn that you are completely capable of accomplishing your goal of successfully running your own business.

I’ll break down business ownership into easily understood terms.

I’ll teach you the key points and ensure you have the necessary fundamentals in place.

You’ll be able to:

  • see the whole picture
  • follow a sequence of steps to get you where you want to go
  • create achievable plans

If you’ve got your business up and running, I’ll keep you from going in 500 directions and becoming so overwhelmed you find yourself on the verge of quitting.

I’ll teach you how to:

  • bring in clients on a consistent basis
  • keep clients for longer
  • increase your prices
  • get and stay organized
  • streamline your workflows

Together we will:

  • uncover your bad habits
  • identify where you lack self-discipline

After working together you'll have:

  • clear client boundaries
  • efficient business systems
  • effective marketing
  • new skills
  • work-life harmony
  • a business that runs smoothly

Never worked with a coach before? No Problem!

97% of my clients had never worked with a coach before hiring me.

It's normal to be a little unsure that having someone real, approachable, and relatable to bounce ideas off of and get input from would really help you achieve your potential.

What my clients realized after starting coaching with me is that having a sounding board who understands what you are saying, not saying, and trying to say would mean no more over-thinking and much more progress.

If being your own boss and owning your own business was easy, there wouldn't be a business coaching industry.

It's normal to feel overwhelmed. It's common to get stuck and spin in circles.

Erin has a unique way to uncover the purpose and mission for your business. She's so creative and is someone who understands what you're saying and what you're trying to say.

Paulette Bergenous, One-Handed Solutions : Reno, Nevada

When Erin and I jumped on our clarity call, I was instantly struck by her infectious energy and passion for helping female business owners.

I could tell she was genuinely interested in learning about my story, and that she understood the challenges I was facing. Within minutes, Erin was already offering up suggestions to help me take my next steps.

Brittany McClafferty, Equine Therapist: Sedona, Arizona

Today's coaching session surpassed my expectations. We got a lot done. I now have a clear path and schedule to launch. This session was exactly what I wanted and needed.

Loren North, Personal Stylist: Phoenix, AZ

Starting a service business isn’t a walk in the park,

even if there are some trying to sell you that it is.

Every day can be so different and keeping your momentum going can be tough.

Successful business ownership requires you to:

  • gain new skills
  • expand your capabilities
  • see yourself as an expert

As a business coach for 14+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of women brainstorm fresh ideas and see options and opportunities previously not considered.

By reshaping your perspective, I’ll help you gain clarity, see things differently, feel excited about your future and be motivated to move forward.

My style of business coaching is less “you need to do this” and more “let’s work together on this by first figuring out XYZ.”

As we work together, you’ll discover that success as a first-time business owner and home entrepreneur is not a far fetched goal or something unattainable.

You’ll discover ways to put your stress and anxiety at ease. 

You'll know how to shift the negative, fear-based conversations in your head.

You'll build your confidence and control your fears.

Coaching stretches you.

Coaching with me isn’t just about growing your business, it’s about growing you as a person and business owner too.

It pushes you beyond your current limits.

And personal discovery and growth happen at every stage of the coaching process.

Coaching causes you to think differently.

Through deep-dive conversations, creative coaching assignments, organizational activities, and thought-provoking homework you will change how you think about yourself and the value of your skills.

Some assignments will challenge you and others you’ll find enjoyable.

You’ll feel motivated, inspired and excited.

You’ll gain traction and be heading in a clear and focused direction.

Coaching is both emotional and practical work.

As your coach, I’ll provide you the training wheels until you start to trust your own business intuition and ideas. 

I’ll be right beside you as you bravely explore your thoughts, behavior patterns, beliefs, and true desires.

When you lose faith that you won’t get to where you’re going, I’ll be there to guide you back on track and remind you that you’re not as lost as you think.

I’ll also help you develop unique ideas and service programs.

We’ll build an authentic brand with a clear mission and vision.

I’ll work with you to define solid client boundaries and agreements.

I’ll help you design processes for:

  • marketing
  • business systems
  • client onboarding.

And together, we’ll develop plans for expanding your services and utilizing automation.

Coaching keeps you from becoming complacent.

There are always new resources and new tools to be better.

Your marketing message can get clearer.

You can improve your client engagement and make your systems more efficient.

Having a coach keeps you accountable for taking action.

A coach will keep your business growing and keep you striving toward your optimum potential.

Imagine if you knew
exactly what you wanted and how to make that happen?

That's exactly what a CLARITY CREATOR is for.

Your private Clarity Creator coaching session will give you clarity, direction, focus, and confidence to take action.

Me As Your Coach

Contemplating Starting A Business

I believe your business can be as big or as small as you want it to be.

I don’t think size is as important as ensuring that it supports your needs, goals, and dreams.

I want you to feel like your business is a real and professional business that you’re proud of.

I also want to ensure that the time you spend on and in your business is well spent.

I believe at the core of a successful business is a clear plan, effective systems, efficient process and a confident owner who enjoys what they do. 


My intention is to make business simpler, less frustrating and more fun.

It’s important to me that you, as a first-time business owner, stay in the driver's seat of your business.

I’ll help you read the roadmap, point out potential hazards and guide you to which avenues are best for you to take.

I’m not the driver in your business. I’m your copilot.
I’m one member of your business success team.

I can hold your hand while kicking you in the pants.

I can be relaxed and having fun while also being strategic and driving for results. 

I’ll challenge you and support you. 

I’ll listen intentionally and give you direct and straight forward feedback in a no-nonsense and honest way.

I have no problem making you dig deep.

I’m ready and willing to ask the hard questions and allow you to answer without pressing my beliefs on you. 

When you’re stuck or run into a problem, I’ll offer you solutions that have worked for me or my other clients as well as help you find solutions that are unique to you. 

I often pick up on clues most people miss and can find insights from the seemingly smallest of things.

Everything You're Experiencing Is Normal and Part of the Process

Coaching women for 14+ years and working with hundreds of first-time business owners, I can tell you that everyone at some point has been:

  • Confused by 100 different ways to do the same thing
  • Stuck in their own way, spinning in ideas and emotions
  • Struggling to articulate their business vision
  • Feeling less than confident about telling others what they do
  • Unsure where to find their ideal client
  • Unclear on who they serve, how to serve them and how to price their services
  • Befuzzled, thinking, “I don’t know if I’m doing this right”
  • Motivated to make their business dreams a reality
  • Excited for an adventure most women wouldn’t dare start
  • Focused on building a lifestyle that provides personal fulfillment, financial stability, family flexibility and doesn’t leave them emotionally burnt out
  • Nervous about tapping into their own creativity
  • Eager to try everything
  • Excited to use their skills
  • Ready for it all to work

I can tell you that I too have experienced all the above.

I’ve also felt the loneliness of being a home entrepreneur, even though I LOVE being able to work in my pajamas. And, I’ve struggled to keep myself accountable for getting things done and moving beyond my comfort zone.

I’ve made mistakes.

I’ve experienced failure. I’ve experienced success.

I’ve had great ideas and ideas that flopped.

I’ve even had ideas that never made it out of my head or further than scribbles in a notebook.

And because of my own business coaches and coaching hundreds of women along the way, I’ve come to know, accept, and embrace that everything really is just “part of the process.”

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