Business Coaching For Women

If you’re looking for the best business coach for women, you’ve found her.

Joking aside, If you’re a woman who is passionate about helping others and bettering yourself and you want to start, grow or optimize your own service business -- Welcome!

I’m Coach Erin. I’ve been a business coach for women since 2006.

Business planning. Business growth. Business development. It’s what I do, it’s what I love.

I’m a thought-provoking coach with contagious energy.

I believe every woman has something to offer the world that can make a positive impact on individuals, families, neighborhoods and our environment.

I believe that utilizing your skills, knowledge, and experiences to generate an income that supports your family is an achievable goal.

The women I coach are great at figuring things. But, running their own business has turned their minds into a tangled web.

They have become overwhelmed with options, ideas, possibilities and contradicting perspectives that are making it a challenge to figure things out.

Through one-on-one coaching conversations, hands-on activities, on-demand video coaching, group coaching sessions, and business resources I'll help you:

  • increase your confidence
  • develop your abilities
  • build a solid business foundation
  • design a business success plan

I’m not a business coach who will tell you what you want to hear.

I’m a business coach who will tell you what you need to hear and I’ll tell it to straight with no fluff.

I’ll ask you tough questions your friends and family either don’t know to ask or are afraid to ask.

I’ll take the thoughts stuck in your head and transform them into well-articulated words your clients can understand.

I’ll be your biggest fan and the one to kick you in the pants when you need it.

I'll help you:
  • get out of your own way
  • build your resilience
  • make decisions and take action
  • clarify your mission, ideal client and brand message
I’ll push you to:
  • try new things
  • not give up
  • be more authentically you
  • embrace yourself as a leader
  • improve and add to your skills
You’ll become more:
  • organized
  • productive
  • profitable
  • satisfied
You’ll feel more:
  • confident
  • focused
  • driven
  • in control
  • fulfilled

Start Your Coaching Journey Today!

Your Roadmap Session will:

  • assess where your business is at currently
  • define the long-term vision for your business
  • outline a plan of action
  • establish concrete objects
  • pinpoint necessary next steps
  • determine if coaching is your best route forward

The Roadmap Session includes a:

  • comprehensive and detailed prep-form
  • 60-MIN private coaching conversation
  • invitation to join Surge Support Group
  • access to my business owners resource hub

STEP 2: Join The Surge Program

Business Coaching Group: Surge

There are four different coaching tracks as part of the Surge Program.

Each track is a unique blend of:

  • private coaching sessions
  • a mastermind group
  • a business support group
  • a referral network

The tracks are uniquely designed to help you start, grow and optimize your business.

Each track is month-to-month with no long-term commitment.

Surge is built on three core beliefs:
  1. Uncertainty, overwhelm and frustration are indicators of growth, not failure
  2. If two heads are better than one, imagine how powerful a group of women can be
  3. We grow by teaching and we learn by asking questions

The SURGE Philosophy is:

You don't have to make every decision and solve every problem by ourselves.

    • That's a lot of unnecessary psychological weight that could be weighing (slowing) your business down.

We, as women, need to verbally process through ideas and situations.

    • And the skill of being able to talk and listen to ourselves at the same time is a nearly impossible task.

We can all use help, no matter the stage of our business.

    • Organizing our time, dealing with clients, coming up with marketing ideas and staying accountable for taking action: it's a lot to deal with and something new is around every corner. 

Witnessing the struggle and growth of others changes us.

    • We avoid potential pitfalls by learning our lessons through the experiences of others. We become better clients and customers when we see things from the other side. We value the skills and knowledge of other professions and industries when we understand them more. We feel inspired when others achieve what we thought was not possible.
When you join the Surge program you can expect:
  • an equal amount of personal growth and business growth
  • a clean-cut, simple and practical approach to business
  • a focused plan of action with clear goals and objectives
  • opportunities to be open & vulnerable in a compassionate space
  • changes in your mindset, behaviors, services, client care, pricing and more
  • to work with the best business coach
    (I just had to throw that in there again.)

When you start Surge, you'll receive a comprehensive welcome packet to ensure you have all the details and are successful in your program.

If you select the start, grow or optimize coaching tracks we will co-create a customized private session plan for you including what B.Y.O.B. on-demand video coaching modules to start with during your first private session.


All coaching tracks are month-to-month with no long-term commitments.
All group and private coaching sessions are held online via video conference.


$450 per month
  • Create A Solid Foundation, Develop Services, Client Systems & Marketing Strategies & Enhance Business Knowledge
  • ✓ Community Forum
  • ✓ Resource Hub
  • ✓ 4 60-MIN Private Coachings
  • ✗ Group Coachings (additional fee)
  • ✓ Unlimited Support Between Coachings
  • ✓ Unlimited Access To On-Demand Training and Coaching Video Library


$150 per month
  • Create, Improve or Expand Client Services, Marketing Strategies or Business Systems. Shift. Tweak. Succeed.
  • ✓ Community Forum
  • ✓ Resource Hub
  • ✓ 2 30-MIN Private Coachings
  • ✗ Group Coachings (additional fee)
  • ✓ Unlimited Support Between Coachings
  • ✓ Unlimited Access To On-Demand Training and Coaching Video Library


$100 per month
  • Keep Your Brain On Business, Increase Your Marketing Efficiency & Effectiveness, Advance Your Business Knowlege
  • ✓ Community Forum
  • ✓ Resource Hub
  • ✗ Private Coaching (additional fee)
  • ✓ 4 Small Group Coachings


Here are the details for each of the coaching services included in the Surge tracks


The online forum is a peer-to-peer community focused on business health and owner well-being.

It is a private Facebook group where women in the SURGE program gather together as cohorts, colleagues, and collaborators.

The forum is your go-to for sharing and receiving creative ideas, outside perspectives, insights, and inspiration.

The community is there to support you in solving problems, resolving conflicts and celebrating progress.

It's also there for you to share your favorite tools, resources, and expertise with.

With the community forum, you're never alone.

The community members have an array of skills and expertise -- tap into those resources.

Save yourself time, energy and possibly even money.

When the rest of the world might think you're crazy -- your Surge community will be there to push you forward and remind you that you're not crazy -- you're a business 


The online resource hub is a collection of materials custom designed by me.

The Hub materials cover mindset, marketing, client care, business operations, goal setting, project management and more.

They range from guided affirmations to metaphor coaching cards and sample client contracts to program prep forms.

There are video tutorials, worksheets, spreadsheets, how-to guides, and more.

When you need something, check The Hub, it just might be there ready and waiting for you. 


In each session, it will be just you and I on the video conference call.

We will take your business growth one step at a time starting with assessing where you are now, where you want to be and what holes you may have in your business foundation, operational systems, or marketing routines.



Group coaching sessions are scheduled weekly for 60-min and a maximum of 10 clients.

Each coaching session is a unique mix of individualized coaching, group brainstorming, idea-generating, masterminding, business education, and accountability.

There are no set topics. The conversation topics are generated from the needs of each participant and it is not uncommon to discuss multiple topics in one session.


This is an online collection of unique on-demand video coaching, training, and teaching modules.

Each module includes videos, activities, and exercises to help you

  • build a solid business model
  • create a sustainable marketing plan
  • design efficient business systems
  • ensure that you and your clients have an amazing experience working together

Frequently Ask Questions About Coaching

Business Education and Encouragement
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