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Why New Business Owners Don’t Need A Title But Think They Do

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Hello fellow Business Owners looking for a snazzy title, Business Owner is your title. Stepping out of Corporate America and into the world of business ownership means shifting. And one of the first shifts business owners need to make is believing they need a title. As a business owner, Business Owner is your title. No…

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charge what you're worth

Charge What You’re Worth: Proven To Do More Harm Than Good For Women Business Owners.

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“Charge what you’re worth.” In the business world, I hear this phrase often, it’s like a hidden rule. An automated response. A very ego attractive marketing message. And quite honestly, I’m afraid is doing more harm than good. And I once believed it wholeheartedly but I’m not buying into anymore. “Charge what you’re worth” is…

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Business Wisdom for Women

10 Bits of Business Wisdom for Women

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After 14 years of owning my own business and coaching hundreds of women to own their own businesses, I’m here to share with you ten bits of business wisdom. May these business wisdom bits provide you with inspiration, clarity, and direction in starting and owning your own business. ONE: There is no one “right” way…

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multiple marketing strategies equal disaster for new business owners

Multiple Marketing Strategies At One Time Creates A Disaster!

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I see too many women business owners trying to do multiple marketing strategies. Starting more than one or two strategies at once ends with business owners saying, ” I don’t know how to market”. Even the greatest strategy isn’t going to work if you don’t implement it beyond the surface. It’s easy to think “it…

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Blogging for business can be challenging

Blogging For Business: It Can Be A Challenge

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Blogging for business can be a challenge. If you’ve told yourself, “I should be blogging,” read on, this blogs for you. After “shoulding” ourselves about blogging, we often tell ourselves a story. It goes something like this: “(Insert woman’s name) makes blogging look easy. She must have some magic touch when it comes to blogging…

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Meaning of money as a business owner

Meaning Of Money: Creating Your Definition As A Business Owner

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Money is an important topic for women who own their own businesses. We all need it, we all spend it, and we all want to make it. But what is your meaning of money, beyond just what you’re doing with it day-to-day? A while back, the meaning of money came up in various ways in…

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Business Coaching For Service Businesses

Service Businesses That Gain Huge Proven Benefits From Coaching

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In 2006, when I first began offering business coaching for online service businesses, I never imagined the variety of industries I’d have the opportunity to help. Nor did I know what huge benefits coaching would create for businesses and owners. I can even remember the fears I felt narrowing my niche. Choosing to offer business…

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business startup checklist

The Best Business StartUp Checklist For A Service Business

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Having the right business startup checklist is key to your success. How do I know? Because not having the right one was my FIRST mistake. UGH!  I wish I could say having the wrong business startup checklist was my only mistake but nope, it was just the beginning of many mistakes.  I was so excited…

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Best places to market your business

The Best Places To Market Your Business

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Knowing the best places to market your business starts with getting super clear on who your ideal client. Ask yourself: Where does my client hang out? Where is my client at on a daily basis? If my client were to go somewhere today where would they go? Who knows my client and where is that…

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The Female Solopreneur Life: A Rough Year

The Female Solopreneur Life: One Challenging Year

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The year was 2019 and A LOT happened in my life, the life of a female solopreneur.  And because I believe in transparency in business is important, I’mparting the curtains and taking you behind the scenes into my life. Buckle in because, it’s going to be raw, real, and not so “rose-colored glasses.”  I’m sharing…

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