Hello fellow Business Owners looking for a snazzy title, Business Owner is your title.

Stepping out of Corporate America and into the world of business ownership means shifting.

And one of the first shifts business owners need to make is believing they need a title. As a business owner, Business Owner is your title. No other title needed.

Business Owners Don't Need A Title

While titles are big in Corporate America, they do more harm than good in the world of business ownership.

Introducing yourself in Corporate America with a fancy-sounding title gets attention. Your title can even provide a sense of authority or expertise. Heck, a title in Corporate America can even make you more money.

Not so in business ownership. Clients don't hire you because you have a fancy-title.

Those you network with won’t refer potential clients to you because of your title. And clients won’t pay you more because of your title.

Just use the title of Business Owner because that’s ultimately what you are.

Plus, introducing yourself with a title can get you stuck in a box in the business world.

Using a title allows the person(s) you’re speaking with to put you in a box. They put you in a box with all the other “photographers,” “personal stylists” and “coaches” they’ve met.

Instead of listening to what you're saying, they just go with what they know about people who have your “title.”

If you’re a new business owner who’s feeling nervous about introducing yourself at your first networking meeting, you’re not alone.

It’s common to feel nervous. It's also common to try and come up with the perfect “title” for your introduction.

Stop! Don’t waste your time coming up with a title.

Without knowing it, you’ll quickly start a negative spiral of “I’m not good enough.” You’ll start thinking “if I can’t even come up with a dang title, why should I even go to the networking event.”

And before you know it, you’re backing out of an opportunity to connect with clients and collaborate with other business owners.

I know because I let myself stay stuck choosing a title for too long. And, too many of my clients have gotten stuck.

I’ve also sat through numerous networking meetings where everyone in the room introduces themselves with a traditional introductory script of, “Hi I’m (insert name). I’m a (insert common industry title.)”

No one stands out this way. And no one really understands what anyone does or who anyone works with. Everyone leaves the meeting not knowing who they should hire and who they should refer to the others. And isn’t that why you’re out networking in the first place, to get more clients?

Stop trying to find the perfect title.

Instead, work on a few easy to remember introductory scripts you can use when you have to introduce yourself.

Focus your introduction on answering “what do you do”? Use an introduction that explains what you do and who your ideal client is. This keeps others from putting you in a box because of your title. It also keeps the audience listening and will help you stand out.

Get away from the traditional introduction of “Hi, I’m Erin and I’m a business coach I provide private and group coaching for women.”

Switch it up to something more like “Hello there I’m Erin Garcia. In 2006 I began coaching women to start their own service business. Now, 14 years later, I'm also helping them grow, modify, and manage their business."

Go with something like “Hello there! I’m Coach Erin. I help women start, grow, and manage their own online service business. I help them make an impact and an income."

Heck, you could really change things up and use an intro like: “Hello there, I’m Erin. I demystify business startup so more women can start a successful online service business.” This focuses on one ideal client within my target market rather than on all three of my potential clients.

You get the idea. There are lots of ways you can introduce yourself without having a title.

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