Business Testimonials are one of, if not, the best marketing tool.  According to a B2B Content Marketing Report Survey,  testimonials are more effective than any other type of content marketing.

Testimonials can gain the trust of potential clients and convert even the most reluctant into a client. Yet, new business owners often find getting testimonials to be a challenge.

The fear of feedback is one of the most common fears of new business owners which is why I'm here to offer 7 ways to make getting testimonials not so icky.

Business Testimonials


Yes, every once in a while a client or customer will give you a testimonial without you asking but.. if you ask for testimonials you'll get them more often than every once in a while.


When you make asking for testimonials part of your business processes, you’ll gain more testimonials.

At the end of every session/meeting with a client ask them to share their experience.

A few days after you drop off their products, send an email or call them and ask how the products are working.  

At the end of your events, presentations or webinars have attendees fill out a survey/feedback form. Be sure to include a checkbox question that asks for permission to use the content of their answers as a testimonial.


Likely your clients are already giving you testimonials. You’re just not hearing their words as testimonial content. 

If your client tells you "You are the best.” That is a testimonial.  If they say "Wow, I never thought of _____ like that", that is a testimonial. 

Start listening to your clients/customers as they are already sharing testimonials with you and all you have to do is listen, write it down, and get their permission to use it.


Simply asking “will you leave me a testimonial” might get you one but it is not likely. And it is not likely going to be a powerful one.  

Ask your clients specific questions about their experience and jot down their responses. Compile their responses into testimonials. From just a few questions you could gather plenty of information for a testimonial. (Example questions below)


Create an online client feedback form that you send to all of your clients. 

After you work with them, ask them to complete the feedback form. Set a feedback survey to automatically email them 10 days after their first purchase.

After you have worked with them for one month or they have had their product(s) for one month send them another automatic email with a survey link. 

The longer they work with you the more testimonials you can capture. And you’re also building a great client success story.


Have someone else contact your clients for you and do the "interview." Sometimes you'll get the most honest responses if someone else contacts your clients/customers and asks the questions.  

You could hire a virtual assistant to do it for you or you could swap with one of your colleagues. You can even do these interviews via zoom video and record them. Now you’ll have a video testimonial and can use the content as a written testimonial too. 


If you plan to use the testimonial with the client’s name or if the testimonial has information that would make your client identifiable be sure to have your client sign a testimonial release form.

Sample Questions For Powerful Business Testimonials

  1. Would you recommend our product/service?  If so who would you recommend it to and why?
  2. Is someone asked you about our product/service what would you tell them?
  3. What was your initial reaction to or thoughts of (insert service or product)?
  4. What is your current reaction to or thoughts of(insert service or product)?
  5. What skills have you learned from (insert service or product)?
  6. What knowledge have you gained from (insert service or product)?
  7. Before (insert service or product) how would you describe your  (insert what you have helped them with or what your product is for)?
  8. Now after (insert service or product) how would you describe your (insert what you have helped them with or what your product is for)?
  9. Describe the changes you have seen in your overall attitude since starting (insert service or product)?
  10. Describe any behavior changes that you have made in your life since starting (insert service or product)?
  11. What would you say the overall impact of (insert service or product)  has been on your life?
  12. What results have you found because of (insert service or product)?
  13. How would you rate the results you have obtained through (insert service or product)  verses your financial investment?
  14. What have you liked most about (insert service or product)?
  15. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate (insert service or product) with 1 being a waste of your time and money and 10 being 100% valuable for your time and money?
  16. In comparison to other (insert service or product) that you have experienced/used how would you rate ours?
  17. If you were able to talk to someone else who is thinking about buying (insert service or product)what would you say to them
  18. If you could only use 3 words to describe your experience with (insert service or product) what 3 words would you use?
  19. Why did you start using (insert service or product) and why do you continue using (insert service or product).
  20. What has (insert service or product) lead you to discover/realize