I see too many women business owners trying to do multiple marketing strategies.

Starting more than one or two strategies at once ends with business owners saying, " I don't know how to market".

Even the greatest strategy isn't going to work if you don't implement it beyond the surface.

It's easy to think "it didn't work" and move on to a new strategy.

However, moving from one strategy to another leads you to believe that you're not good at marketing.

Leaving you with no clients, no profit, and a lack of marketing confidence.

multiple marketing strategies equal disaster for new business owners

Stop! The reality is that most marketing strategies will work for most service businesses. But, they just won't work if you implement them only on the surface level.

Stop trying to do what businesses who have full time marketing departments are doing.

Stop attempting to implement and manage marketing like you've been in business for 10 years.

Choose one or two marketing methods (like Facebook and Email marketing.)

Pick something that intrigues you, that you're excited about, and works with your current skill level.

Spend the time to become a student of those two strategies until you become a professor of them.

When you know a strategy so well you can teach it to someone else, you're ready to move on.

Add another marketing strategy, technique, or tactic, and become a student again.

When you've mastered that strategy, add another and another and another.

Eventually, you'll have multiple marketing strategies with no disaster.

Starting with a couple of marketing strategies, you'll have more marketing confidence and know what strategies work best for your business.


If you’re struggling to choose your best marketing strategies or you're feeling overwhelmed in maintaining consistent marketing, I'd love to help.

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Woman Business Coach Erin Garcia