Knowing the best places to market your business starts with getting super clear on who your ideal client. Ask yourself:

  • Where does my client hang out?
  • Where is my client at on a daily basis?
  • If my client were to go somewhere today where would they go?
  • Who knows my client and where is that person at today?
  • What does my client read?
  • What does my client listen to?
  • What does my client like to do?

For example:  If your ideal client is a mom, she may likely be at their child's school on an almost daily basis, or could be at the child's bus stop in the mornings or afternoons, or might be at their child's sporting events.  She may even be going on a school field trip to places like the zoo.  If she is a working mom she may be either at their job or at a networking event.  If she is a stay at home mom she might be on a play date or browsing Facebook.  Most moms read their child's school newsletter, books or magazines on parenting and many browse through the coupons in mailers, too.

Best places to market your business

Now that you've answered the above question, take a look at your answers and see if you can pick out a few places where you could use your marketing message.

Let's look at the example above to see what we can pick out.

  • Maybe you can place an ad in the school newsletter or join in on a school fundraiser
  • You could create a flyer and meet the moms at the bus stops around your neighborhood
  • Find out if there is a place at the zoo that you can hang a flyer. What if you were a Mary Kay consultant and invited a few clients to join you at the zoo for an outdoor make-over?  Think it could attract some attention?
  • Is there an employee health fair going on at their place of work? Could you be a vendor?
  • Facebook:  Do you have your message on your personal profile?  Do you have a business page? If you have a business page your message can be in your "about" section, make a welcome page with your message on it, create your message as a photo and add it to one of your albums... Facebook has a ton of places to put your message.
  • What about local magazines for parents? Is there an ad space for you? What if you and a few other business owners went in on an ad together?
  • Are their local groups for parents?  Are they looking for presenters? Do they have ad space in their newsletter?

Now it's time to:

  • Believe in Your Ability To Think Creatively!
  • Step Outside Your Comfort Zone!
  • Get Your Message Out To Your Clients.

Your client is waiting for you to show up so they can change their lives, businesses, bodies, families, etc.  Don't stop them from getting where and what they want by hiding your message in your computer files.


Struggling to identify your ideal client? You're not alone. 

Identifying an ideal client is a challenge for most first-time business owners.  It is the most common coaching topic and one that Coach Erin loves to coach around. 

If you're ready to identify your ideal client so you can attract the right clients for your business, schedule a Clarity Creator Session.